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‘Reel’ it in with Instagram Reels


It’s official! The time to bring in additions and upgrades is knocking at our doors. We, at Pixelfox have taken it into our stride with a bolder approach, constant innovation and fresh creative zeal. And the digital world has seen some grand entries as well! Facebook-owned Instagram released a new 15 seconds short video-music feature called ‘Reels’ on July 8 in India, after test runs in Brazil and Germany, and set the country reeling with hustle-bustle. This feature came at a very relevant time and has already made way for massive content migration from TikTok to Instagram. The new TikTok-esque vibe puts it in the fourth gear in terms of reach. With Reels, brands could have a window of opportunity with new partnerships via experience-driven engagement, creativity, and self-expression that audiences, especially Gen Z, favor.


Just like you, who was scrolling through Insta seconds ago, there are more than one billion active accounts on Instagram with 500 million-plus people globally. More than 50% of the accounts use Explore every month and 90% of people follow businesses from all over the world. Apart from hours of timepass, the Explore section is also used to discover new brands and snackable content. Reels is ready for action with a whole lot of interest, new users, and new business promotions.

  • How to make Reels on Instagram?
  • Once you have gotten the update, Reels option will be available right next to Boomerang, Superzoom, Hands-free, and Live features.
  • Click on Reels and select audio from the Instagram music library or record original audio and use lipsync.
  • Reels also lets you add AR effects and provides options like Timer, Speed to edit videos as required before sharing.
  • After creating the Reel, you can choose to share it with either personal followers or let the world witness the magic!.
  • Reach of Reels

A major plus point of the new feature is that it cannot miss your eye! It is embedded into Instagram in four places and can massively catapult the reach of the content.

  • There is a dedicated tab on the user profiles (similar to IGTV), where the entire collection of a user’s Reels are available.
  • A Reel can be posted on the normal feed or in an Instagram story, to avoid disrupting aesthetic feeds!
  • At the top of the Explore page, Reels from those who are not among the followers’ list can be found. Another trick in the book to go viral and trending!
  • On top of that, it can be added to the Highlights section where they can pop up even after the 24-hour mark.


Reels is perfect for a brand that already has a TikTok marketing strategy in place. These brands can simply share and create according to their existing plan. But for those who haven’t yet dipped their marketing toes into TikTok may have found a chance to experiment. Most likely, it won’t disrupt the overall strategy and not prove to be a major change.

Indeed, Reels is one feature among many. Thus, it all comes down to how brands integrate it into their digital marketing strategies and whether it is proving to be beneficial. If it aligns with the tone of voice and content, brands will be able to connect with the audience in new ways, which may be effective to promote and sell via ads or influencer partnerships. Or maybe this is the chance for brands to go all out and let the crazy side in for an entertaining 15 seconds. As for us, always putting out snackable content, this is an exciting opportunity up for grabs! Did we drop any hints of what might be in store from our side?

On the whole, Instagram Reels is an interesting feature with quite a lot of potential to become the real deal. It may become a huge marketing and advertising tool in the near future. Only time shall tell you, or we will very soon! Nonetheless, it definitely is one more positive step in this direction!

A few examples of content created! Hope it helps you to understand How to use New Instagram Reels 15 Second Video Music Feature!

Written by: Vibha Madhava