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‘Pixelfox’ – Level up for the Game!

The Digital Marketing Agency Pixelfox New Logo Golden Ratio Design:
The new Pixel-avatar of the Fox sure caught your eye, didn’t it? 

Yes, it’s about the logo design, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg! We are all geared up with a (literally) bolder approach and have dropped words, and thin lines and doubts. A year older, a year bolder.


The world stands at the helm of digital innovations today and our relentless drive towards perfection has been a key factor in the successful results we have achieved for each of our clients. The digital landscape within which we thrive is ever-evolving and as per demand, so are we. With baby steps since 2015, we have been creating digital and video production solutions for brands, corporates, agencies and start-ups. True to our animal spirit, our love for exploring the unknown and rising up to the challenge has led us to develop new skills and new perspectives. Along the way, the foxes have hopped across quite a few milestones and provided a wholesome digital marketing experience.

We are letting you in on some fun and integral insights about our new look and outlook!

pixelfox logo golden ratioIn mathematics, if a line is divided into two parts, and the longer part (a) divided by the smaller part (b) is equal to the sum of both parts (a) + (b), divided by (a). And if it also approximately equals 1.618. 

a/b = (a+b)/a = approx. 1.618

Then viola, we have the Golden Ratio! And this is the secret ingredient of our new logo.

The Golden Ratio, also termed as the Golden Section, Golden Mean, or Phi, is this mathematical ratio that is ideally used to produce some of the most beautiful artwork, such as the famous Mona Lisa. This can be found in many elements in nature and the human face, making it look pure and organic. Our brains are hard-wired to catch and prefer visuals that follow the Golden Ratio (no wonder you can’t take your eyes off our new logo right?)pixelfox logo golden ratioAlso, notice that it is now a solid orange in colour, and the ‘p’ has a slight curve with bigger stroke size? Well yes, it symbolises our solid, bold stance of energy, creative stimulation and determination, plus our flexibility for winner strokes and broadened horizons!

As a leading Digital Marketing Agency, Pixelfox new look package has a revamped website as well! Our unconventional, unique and credible website platform stands out and speaks for us. The testimony for its success is the awards won at numerous platforms like Kyoorius Creative Awards, Campaign India, CSS Reels and CSS Design Awards!



These unprecedented times have left us all with two options- procrastinate and wait for a better tomorrow or work towards the same. And we, at Pixelfox are the doers! As a pack of foxes, we came, we saw and we grew together. Our creative minds have always turned ideas into reality to run the forest. As we progress from being a startup to a meaningful player to watch out for, we are charging head-first towards a phase of rapid growth and impactful creativity. The time to expand from a nurturing corporate aspect and to go all out is here! We have re-launched our brand identity to reflect the values we strive to embody better. But while the overall look of our brand might have changed, our core value still remains to give each of our people, an authentic and prominent identity. 

So, what do you think of our new visual identity? Stay tuned for all the exciting things in store!

Here’s our showreel to catch up on our journey so far:


SHOWREEL 2019-20

Written by: Vibha Madhava