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How is it going to be?

It isn’t much of a news flash that the ‘normal’, as we last remember experiencing, knowing or seeing it, won’t be presenting itself anytime soon! COVID19 pandemic almost seems unreal due to the magnitude of impact it has had on the world. This has beckoned all the personal, social and professional aspects of our lives towards a turning point. It cannot be denied that this has a long list of pros and cons with dos and don’ts which may seem to overburden. While there have been cuts in matters of money and movement, it has opened up space for introspection, growth and progress. And right here in this space is the way for us to drop the ‘n’ and make it a cheerful ‘yay’!

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Acknowledging the changes

There have been silent and not so silent changes in the economy as businesses took a hit. But with the coming in of such unprecedented times, brands and companies are going digital-first and are set to become more reliant than ever on digital marketing and strategy, to reach out to customers and audience, from a safe distance! The first step always starts with accepting and acknowledging the situation. The next move is getting your thinking caps on! Delivering a distinctive consumer experience which is interactive, immersive and cost-effective has become a major focus in terms of marketing across social media platforms. With a shadow of doubt looming large, authenticity, relevance and value via newer ways of online engagement are increasingly important parameters for holding onto the trust, confidence and loyalty of all those involved from the clients to consumers.

Working together, when not together



‘We’re all on the same team’ as a theme has more relatability now!

With Work from Home (WFH) being the new setup, working circumstances dispersed teams on one hand, but also brought in the need for greater contact and communication on the other. Honestly, giving you guys inside deets, we have ‘miss’ed the communication or had miscommunication more times than we can count on our fingers! The time that we are witnessing has no handbook that we can use to learn from, it is all about figuring out each step of the way. Constant calls, daily check-ins, proactive work and a positive routine topped with a sense of team spirit and having each others’ back is how we are moving along! But are we rooting for this system? Nope! We strongly believe that working together in person not just makes things smoother, the work culture also enhances the connect on an individual level. This surely reflects in the bigger picture and makes a world of a difference. We can’t wait to get back to our den, pictionaries, celebratory cakes, and more! Until then, we shall enjoy working in PJs because work, like the greatest showman once said – must go on.

A new normal reworked

In the interests of our well-being and development, we will have to adapt and rework the idea of normal, as individuals, agencies, and organizations. We, at Pixelfox, have always questioned, ‘what is normal anyway?’ and so, we are set to redesign our road maps beyond the small blueprint of ticking time!

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