11:45 pm

To Trend or not to Trend?


Remember Binod? Look on your screens and you might find him right there, trending all over social media! “And that’s today’s top trending topic!”- if the alliteration didn’t thrill you, that  #trending should definitely do it! We are all contributors, consumers, or spectators of trending content each day across all platforms of social media. To trend is the new, big phenomenon which has taken over our digital world by a storm. Trending topics experience a surge of popularity depending on various ongoing situations in the spectrums of culture, society, politics and entertainment, and have the potential to go viral– there, that’s another hip term! Trend monitoring is crucial for digital marketing. Joining a conversation in a timely manner gives you the opportunity to add something to the conversation and more importantly, it adds value and reliability factor to your brand and creates much-needed buzz. Finding these trending topics, discovering discussions as they happen, and catering to it from your end can be a very powerful tool to create shareable content for your audiences. We at Pixelfox, watch out and utilise our social listening to monitor the conversations taking place about a variety of topics from products and services in respective industries to overarching discourses. By keeping up with what thought leaders have to say to how memes and sitcoms shape thoughts, we share our own insight with a take on emerging and relevant topics. Yes, ‘relevant’ is the catch here!

It’s super easy to be seduced by trends, from the simple to the most overhyped ones as they are all designed to lure. Well, that’s why they are popular in the first place. But not all trends need to apply to you. Just because something is popular at the moment doesn’t mean you should spend time trying to correlate it to your brand if it’s just not all that relevant. Remember, trending topics tend to have a shelf-life of one day to one week at max. It’s not the cure-all that many make it out to be, all thanks to the instant, quantitative momentum and craze. It sure is an important part of the media mix but it’s only one gear in a complex machine. Everybody wants to have the possibility of choice, but the paradox is that no one wants to be some random ‘one’ in a crowd of a hundred. Especially with digital marketing, to be trendy is best aligned with relevance, impact and set goals. The ability to easily toss something out there does no favours in terms of engagement or progress. It should stand to showcase thoughtfulness and reflect the energy of the brand, that’s the mix we foxes vouch for! More often than not, our spare time is spent decoding article titles and ads, acknowledging great campaigns, and enjoying a successful, nuanced copy that surprises us. But that’s the time we can spare with a thorough perspective of what works for us and what we want to have a say on, with occasional experiments of course! Just perfectly balanced, as all things should be! To trend or set the trend, we know our pick!