OVERVIEW: For Ford Endeavour, the foxes took up the post-production of 8 Endeavour Feature videos as part of their on-going campaign #NewFordEndeavour. Each 10-25 sec video focused on a different feature and here’s how it came out! (VIEWS: 33MN+)

POWER TRAIN: It fuels your journey with 3.2l engine and 200PS (147kW) power. So enjoy the extra power you need to overcome the most challenging off-road obstacles.

PANORAMIC SUNROOF: Experiencing life under the stars at the command of a button is now possible. The New Ford Endeavour features Panoramic Sunroof that covers nearly 50% of the roof space. Get driven under the open sky.

HANDS-FREE LIFT GATE: It features Hands-free Lift Gate. Now simply trigger a sensor with your leg and the gate will open and close on its own.

SEMI-AUTO PARK ASSIST: It comes with Semi Auto Park Assist – helping you find parallel or perpendicular parking spaces. Now finding the right parking spot is an effortless process as this feature practically parks the car itself.

TERRAIN MANAGEMENT SYSTEM: Gear up for your off-road adventures and take on any challenge. Its Terrain Management System is engineered to overcome any terrain, be it sand, snow, mud, grass, rock or road. Choose the corresponding mode and drive through with ease.

800-MM WATER WADING: It enables you to drive through tough terrains quite smoothly. With its competitively high 800-mm Water Wading Capacity, cross deeper waters effortlessly.