BACKGROUND: With the Lays Real Flavors of Life campaign, we wanted to highlight that we are so busy in our digital lives that we hardly enjoy the good moments and emotions with our loved ones and are only occupied of posting, texting or chatting away those times digitally.
INSIGHT: With the #RealFlavorsOfLife campaign, Lays India urges people to enjoy the real flavors of life and friendship with your friends rather than celebrating it digitally.
SOLUTION: Taking on from this insight, we produced a whole lot of content which includes 4 Topical Digital Films, Photo-shoot, Cinemagraphs, Boomerangs, Slo-Mo, and Time lapse Videos, all urging people to enjoy the #RealFlavorsOfLife. Through this vast range of content produced, Lays India wanted the youth to enjoy and cherish the different aspects of life with a feeling of togetherness. Being visually rich, the campaign has performed very well on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This could be attributed to the rich, Instagram-worthy imagery.

DIGITAL FILMS: We shot a series of 4 Digital Films for Lays India this festive season as a part of their national campaign #RealFlavourOfLife. The brand is urging people to disconnect their phones and connect with loved ones and celebrate the festivities together. The proposition: To rejoice festivals offline and enjoy #TheRealFlavoursOfLife with Lays. (VIEWS: 20MN+)

MASTER FILM: This festive season, disconnect your phone and connect with your loved ones. Rejoice festivals offline and enjoy #TheRealFlavoursOfLife with Lay’s.

DIWALI TEXT BOMB: Rather than forwarding a forwarded Diwali message to your entire friend list, look forward to celebrating #RealFlavoursOfLife with the friends on that list.

DIWALI RANGOLI: Spend time making Rangoli with your friends instead of sharing Rangoli pictures. This Diwali, celebrate #RealFlavoursOfLife with Lay’s.

DURGA PUJA: Don’t let moments pass you by. Stop ‘checking in’ and start checking out the world around you. This Durga Puja, celebrate #RealFlavoursOfLife with Lay’s.

NAVRATRI: Let’s appreciate life’s joyful moments, offline! Put down your phone, pick up your Dandiyas and enjoy #TheRealFlavoursOfLife with Lay’s.