Lays-Innovative Content


Background: We are so busy in our digital lives that we hardly enjoy the good moments and emotions with our loved ones and are only occupied of posting, texting or chatting away those times digitally.
Insight: With the #RealFlavorsOfLife campaign, Lays India urges people to enjoy the real flavors of life and friendship with your friends rather than celebrating it digitally.
Solution: Taking on from this insight, we produced a whole lot of content which includes 4 Topical Digital Films, Photo-shoot, Cinemagraphs, Boomerangs, Slo-Mo, and Time lapse Videos, all urging people to enjoy the #RealFlavorsOfLife. Through this vast range of content produced, Lays India wanted the youth to enjoy and cherish the different aspects of life with a feeling of togetherness. Being visually rich, the campaign has performed very well on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This could be attributed to the rich, Instagram-worthy imagery.

For Lay’s Real Flavours of Life campaign, in addition to shooting and post-editing 4 topical digital films along with a photoshoot, the foxes brought in a bucket-full of crisp, innovative visual content! We explored quirky Cinemagraphs, slo-motion, timelapse, reverse motion and boomerang videos and with some smart 3D illusions – all of which were very well received and added to the dimensions.

Cinemagraphs: This is a fairly unexplored content bucket, which rightly captures the spirit and the nature of the campaign. We shot some quirky Cinemagraphs to add a new flavor to the campaign #RealFlavoursOfLife. (Reach: 237,795, Post Engagement: 13,486) (Note: Check our YouTube page for high-resolution version of the Cinemagraphs).

Innovative Content: We created a bucket of innovative digital content such as slo-motion, timelapse, reverse motion and boomerang videos to add to the campaign #RealFlavoursOfLife. (Reach: 512,457, Post Engagement: 31,489) (Note: Check our YouTube page for high-resolution version of the innovative content)