Lays India-Photoshoot


BACKGROUND: We are so busy in our digital lives that we hardly enjoy the good moments and emotions with our loved ones and are only occupied of posting, texting or chatting away those times digitally.
INSIGHT: With the #RealFlavorsOfLife campaign, Lays India urges people to enjoy the real flavors of life and friendship with your friends rather than celebrating it digitally.
SOLUTION: When Lays India came up with their #RealFlavoursofLife campaign, the foxes helped create 4 Digital Films, 11 Photoshoot Images, 9 Cinemagraphs, 9 Innovative Pieces of Content (Slo-Mo, Timelapse, 3D Videos, Boomerang) to showcase it! Though the photos and innovative content focused on more generic content, the Digital Films focused on the festivals. Being visually rich, the campaign has performed very well on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. This could be attributed to the rich, Instagram-worthy imagery.

PHOTOSHOOT: Extending the campaign further, we did a photo shoot along the campaign proposition #RealFlavoursOfLife. portraying how friendships, fun, and laughter should be enjoyed together rather than digitally. Being visually rich, the Lays photoshoot has performed very well on Instagram. This could be attributed to the rich, Instagram-worthy imagery. (REACH: 218,797, POST ENGAGEMENT: 12,586)