BACKGROUND: At an age when the entire world fits in the palm of your hand, we seem to have forgotten the person for whom you were the whole world in the palm of her hand. Quite ironic to its name, quite often social media seems to be the antithesis of what it stands for.
INSIGHT: Picking up from this deep-seated subject, we, at Pixel Fox Studios, decided to create a simple and effective campaign for Mother’s Day 2019.
SOLUTION: To pay tribute to the woman who was once the closest thing to us this Mother’s Day, we at Pixel Fox Studios, conceptualized this idea that illustrates how social media has impacted us; to the extent of ignoring our mothers. The idea is shown by the usage summary, available on all smartphones, which indicates the quantum of time spent on social media, along with the mention of “Mom – 0 seconds”, which drives the idea behind our creative.

RESULT: Ever since it’s launch, the campaign #ConnectWithMom has gained popularity. It garnered an engagement rate of 64.78%. The campaign also trended globally and got featured on Ads of The World. So step-up and #ConnectWithMom.