Shiro-Social Media Marketing


OVERVIEW: Shiro Social Media Marketing was carefully crafted by Pixelfox – all in synchronization with their brand persona! Along with menus and print collaterals for Shiro, which offers lavish pan Asian and club experiences in Bengaluru, the foxes also handled their social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We worked on campaign strategies, promotions, ads, creative designs and communication, even a photoshoot with influencers!
Since the primary objective of all our activities was awareness and customer engagement, the strategies which we crafted included a lot of visual enriching imagery, catchy and crisp descriptions.

EXAMPLE: For National Singapore Day, 2019, they held an almost month-long exclusive menu that the foxes helped out conceptualize, design, execute and promote. We designed the visual identity of the event along with the menu and a print ad. We also designed their special menu for Christmas and New Year later in the year – all in synchronization with the Shiro personality.