Softweave #WipeTheStereotype (Campaign)


BACKGROUND: Softweave Wipe The Stereotype is a well conceptualized and thought-provoking campaign. Softweave and Pixelfox are paving the way to inspire change. A flagship brand of Keshardeo Textiles, Softweave launched in 2015 with a vision to bring the best in class premium bath linen at affordable prices across the world. Pixel Fox Studios has been propelling this journey further with Softweave’s Social Media and Performance Marketing mandate.
INSIGHT: Focusing on the brand and what the brand stands for, together, we crafted a campaign called #WipeTheStereotype.
SOLUTION: The basic purpose of a towel being wiping, we related it to #WipeTheStereotype. It’s actually so simple to wipe away a ‘shouldn’t’ to ‘should’, a ‘can’t’ to ‘can’, but difficult to implement it! But here’s a stepping stone.

TEASER: It began with teasers showcasing stereotypical comments on Twitter casually tossed around, asking people questions like who usually cooks at their house, would they date an older lady or a guy earning lesser than them and illustrations showing how the same statement carries different meanings for different people in society!

This was followed by a poster series that incorporated smart typography and wiped statements like “Fat people can’t dance” and more, which was well received!

LAUNCH: The campaign was finally launched with a video that showcased the meaning of Stereotype, with comments on social media and everyday things people say, hear and do that involuntarily or voluntarily come out as stereotypical and in bad light, and something that should be at least thought out before being out there.

To break this negativity and shed light on local inspiring stories, and establish the entire crux of the campaign, a video, giving out an introduction of the people Softweave had collaborated with, was posted. This showed glimpses of people who had managed to #WipeTheStereotype in many ways, challenged the perceptions of society and followed their passion. “A 42 yr old student, a queer fashion blogger with a feminine energy, a female dhol player, a female bodybuilder, and more inspirational personalities are coming together to WipeTheStereotype with #Softweave.

EPISODE 1: The first episode presented an interview with Deepa Sapre, a nutritionist and physique athlete, and a mother, who broke the stereotypes of females being the weaker gender and body building being a manly sport.

EPISODE 2: Episode two was only recently posted, following the story of Esha Rajput, a female dhol player.

EPISODE 3: The third episode layed focus on blogger Yogesh U Shetty who came to terms with his femininity when he came to Mumbai.

EPISODE 4: In the fourth episode, Mrs Varsha Thakar highlights that there’s no such thing as age, cancer or society that can stop you from achieving your goals.

With more such impactful and inspiring stories to follow, Softweave is defying a stereotype in itself, of being quite a young brand in the market, and focusing extensively on social impact rather than marketing aggressively.

RESULT: Ever since it’s launch, the campaign #WipeTheStereotype has gained popularity. It garnered an engagement rate of 34.79%.  It was also featured on platforms such as Brand Equity, Whizsky, Ads Of The World etc. So will you step-up and #WipeTheStereotype?