Softweave #WipeTheStereotype (Posters)


BACKGROUND: With Wipe The Stereotype campaign for Softweave Towels, we wanted to build a campaign around a societal problem that could relate to the brand and also serve as a good connection to prospective customers. As part of building brand awareness, affinity and credibility, along with bringing in some inspirational content for the society, we launched the #WipeTheStereotype campaign. It was basically run on digital platforms and social media and included this insightful, simple and effective series of typographic posters that received a lot of positive reach along with forming the base of the entire campaign.
The primary objective was to build brand awareness and credibility. Softweave Towels was a comparatively new name in the market, and though it came from the reputable Keshardeo Combines Group, not many people were aware of the brand. We had to build their presence on social media platforms, and we saw a great opportunity in coming up with a campaign that essentially gave out a strong social message, while subtly building the brand identity, recognition and value.
STRATEGY: Focusing on the functionality of towels – wiping, we correlated it to wiping societal issues, more precisely, wiping stereotypes. This was something every single person in present day society, regardless their age, gender, ethnicity, religion and locality could easily relate to, and something that definitely deserved to be worked against. While we strategized an entire almost month long digital campaign with shoot-based videos, interviews with inspiring personalities and some engagement-based posts, this poster series we created worked as the crux, the backbone of it all. We put out negative stereotypical statements as though written on chalkboard, with the negative connotations wiped off. So what people couldn’t do, turned into what people could do, when we wiped off the ’t.
RESULT: Softweave defied a stereotype in itself, of being quite a young brand in the market, yet focusing on social impact rather than marketing aggressively. Along with building brand awareness and affinity, we managed to bring about a spark of change and inspiration in the society as well.