Hard Rock Cafe #WorldBurgerTour


Background: With venues in 76 countries, including 185 cafes, 27 hotels and 12 casinos, Hard Rock International (HRI) is one of the most globally recognized companies. The thought behind the campaign was to showcase the global flavors and palates that Hard Rock Cafe brings, along with the variety of burgers.
Objective: To bring in new customers as well as repeat customers to try out the Legendary Burgers from cafes around the world.
Insight: Picking up from the objective, we decided to create a simple and effective campaign for Hard Rock Cafe to promote the #WorldBurgerTour.
Solution: We divided the campaign in three phases: the pre-launch, launch and launch phase. We portrayed why these were Legendary Burgers: the ingredients and burgers in the making-through videos, posts, and GIFs.

Case Study:

Pre-Launch Phase: The pre-launch activity was designed keeping in mind the ‘Legendary’ aspect of the burgers and how the legends are about to arrive in India! Creating a buzz around the campaign, right after the launch posts, we launched the ‘Guess Where the Legendary Burgers are coming from’ (gif). This contest was to create awareness, garner interaction, and give out free burgers (as the contest prize) for people to try out the burger. Winners were chosen on the basis of a lucky draw: one from each city. The announcement was made through a post on all three platforms: Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. (Organic Reach: 10k+ on Social Media)

Launch Phase: ‘The Legend’s have landed’. The initial launch post was designed keeping in mind the Legendary’ aspect. That was why we created something that was impactful and dramatic. (Total Reach: 231,460 on all Pages on Facebook, Post Engagement: 2273, Shares: 25)

Burger Introduction: All burgers launched for May in the World Burger Tour menu were introduced on social media individually. (Total Reach: 503,190 on Facebook)

Chef Call-out Video-Instagram Story: We made a video with the chef calling out to people, holding out a Legendary Burger. Swiping up, one could see the entire menu. (Reach: 208,874 Post Engagement: 10,171)

1Burger Quotes: We created hygiene quote posts for Instagram and Facebook to keep the conversations for #WorldBurgerTour going. (Organic Reach: 41,783)

What makes our burgers legendary: We then did a unique photo-shoot to showcase the ingredients that make our burgers legendary! The visually-rich posts had a pretty good engagement on social media. (Total Reach: 10,580, Post Engagement: 1125)

Campaign Film: We then shot a film showing how the legendary burgers are made. Disclaimer:  The following clip contains material that is highly tempting and may result in acute need for gratification. Viewer discretion advised. The Legendary burgers are too hard to resist. So don’t! (Organic Reach: 20,874, Views: 4405, Post Clicks: 284, Post Engagement: 2,164)

Burgerthon Announcement: A simple, yet striking announcement for Burgerthon-The Ultimate Hogging Challenge-for a buzz before the event. This creative was posted across all social media! (Post Engagement: 16,517)

Countdown for World Hamburger Day: A countdown post series was crafted leading to the final launch of #Burgerthon. (Post Engagement: 5,487)

World Hamburger Day: A logo unit was designed to lay emphasis on the ‘Legendary Burgers at just Rs.99’ offer for the day! (Total Reach: 301,008)